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Trout in the Classroom

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TIC is a national program designed and developed by TU national.  This is a program that is used as a teaching tool about trout and their life cycle.  It is typically held in a middle school or a high school.  The major feature of this program is the aquarium where the students raise trout from eggs, until they can be stocked in a stream.

We at HTU are working with the DNR, Fish and Pets (a local business that has expertise in raising fish), to put this program into three area schools.  We needed the DNR because trout and trout eggs require special permits for possession and transportation.  Deb Groebner, who leads the DNR's MinnAqua aquatic and fishing education program, developed this state-wide process for us.  Greg Goodnow of Fish & Pets (Rochester Crossroads Shopping Center) has donated his time, experience, and hardware, to set up the aquariums.  His knowledge is important so we have maximum hatch survival and long term survival.  Most important of all, are the teachers who really drive this program.  We have Kelli Schmelling of Stewartville Middle School,  Bruce Frutiger of Century High School and Kevin Landherr from Mayo High School.  We at HTU coordinate, focus, and provide the funding for these programs.  To make these programs happen, we need donations.  At this time we have a donated cedar-strip canoe that we will be raffling on April 5 at our annual banquet for these programs.  We are selling raffle tickets at our meetings and at events.  Email Tom Huston, our treasurer directly for tickets.  You can view the canoe here.  For direct tax free donations to this program email Tom Huston. 

Stewartville Middle School program

View Century High School program

View Mayo High School program

View the National Trout in the Classroom program